Thursday, June 16, 2005

Metsopotamia short story review

What I learned from this exercise was information about how the Gods and Goddesses wanted to live their life. They are considered the supreme beings. They look upon hard labor and working the crop fields as hard work. The task of tending a crop field is menial. They recognize the importance in tending the crop fields and collecting water. They wanted humans or servants to work the fields and perform all their labor tasks. Humans were given life to serve their Gods and Goddesses. Humans were not promised a long life because only the Gods are given the gift of immortality. They placed emphsis on spirits representing good and evil.
They used animal bodies with human heads to depict demons that represented good and bad spirits in the secular world.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

catagorizing of the Hammubari Law Codes

Life in Hammurabri was the begining of basic civilization. Politics and religion was determine by the ruler or king. Mesopotamia has a agriculture based economy which is advanced enough to have have a money value system. The laws of the community reflected ownership in property or reprimand for physically abusing or hurting a fellow citizen. The law are note driven by goverment because they express how the King an inappropriate act. I think the laws are not balanced and reflect the philosphy Neopalithic society.

The law I have listed in this order:

political #26
Economic #42 and #87
social#218 and #150
Scientific#218 and #229
cultural#25 and #150
Intellectual#188 and #199